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Sony Provisioning

Heads up

SONY provisioning is in the process of fine-tuning. Kindly let us know if you run into any issues.


  1. Empty the USB flash drive, formatted to FAT32
  2. Fresh out-of-box or factory-reset Bravia display - see supported models

Tip: factory reset is located under Settings - System - About - Reset - Factory reset



 Are you using a Deployment app (CoreApp bundled with Applet)?

Here are the steps to install your bundled application on Sony.

  • Use Device Applet Builder and select version at least 4.3.7 to build then download the file
  • Decompress the bundled applet to apk file and put it on a flash drive, together with the Core App bpk file (.pkg extension) downloaded from https://a.signageos.io/sony.bpk at least version 4.3.7
  • Continue with the manual provisioning as instructed below.
  • Do not remove the flash drive until the bundled applet has started.
  • If facing a prompt to reinstall/uninstall the app, please select cancel.
  • If the device doesn't enter the bundled applet, please hit the back button on the remote and select restart app button.

Manual provisioning

Download the version of the signageOS app

Version Link

signageOS CoreApp

- includes device management and Applets support


signageOS CloudControl app

- includes only device management


Install via USB

  1. Download the signageOS app of your choice
  2. Put the downloaded *.pkg file to an empty USB flash drive
  3. Start the Sony Bravia display
  4. Once you see the Welcome/select language screen, plug in the USB flash drive
    1. Do NOT continue with language settings just yet
  5. Confirm the "Allow access to USB"
  6. Bravia B2B installer starts up
  7. Confirm the installation
  8. Confirm the Device owner for the signageOS application
  9. Confirm reboot
  10. UNPLUG THE USB flash drive before the Bravia boots up
  11. Continue with the display setup
    1. Confirm language
    2. Confirm Google T&C
    3. Confirm Sony Bravia Eula
  12. Now you can start the signageOS app from the menu
  13. Verify the device via verification hash

Sony Platform zero-touch provisioning

Sony Platforms with signageOS offers an option to provision device directly through our platform. You can follow this step-by-step guide to get your device online.

1. signageOS Box Account

2. phone with camera

Provisioning steps

  1. Access BOX in your browser and log in
  2. Navigate to Bulk provisioning and click Register devices to create a Recipe
    Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 13.37.33.png
  3. Select organisation for which the device should be registered under and fill in the rest of fields, please note that some fields are not optional (ie. MAC address)
  4. Once your Recipe is created you can see it in the list with Pending state - this means that Box is waiting for provisioning request from the device
  5. Next step navigate to Add device and select organisation under Sony Ownership Validation
    Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 13.53.38.png
  6. This step will generate a QR code, you can either scan the QR code with your own handheld camera device or navigate to the URL present - this will open a scanner App
    Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 14.15.02.png
  7. Turn on your Sony Device and you will be prompted with QR code on the device
    Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 14.30.17.png
  8. Scan the QR code on your Sony device with your camera device scanner App opened from step 6.
  9. Provisioning process should start automatically and the recipe created in step 4. should be marked as active instead of pending
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