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Sony Provisioning


SONY provisioning is only for developers. SONY is not yet an officially supported device.

  1. Disable Auto shut-off and Idle TV power off in Power & Energy settings.Screenshot_20220523_135029.pngScreenshot_20220523_134815.png
  2. Enable Simple IP Control with Pre-Shared Key `1234` in Home network settings.Screenshot_20220523_134848.pngScreenshot_20220523_134927.png
  3. Enable Developer options and ADB debugging.
  4. Install signageOS Android Core App with ADB
  5. Connect a PC with ADB to the display and confirm the device fingerprint dialog.
    • usually, the connection command is adb connect IP.ADDRESS.OF.SONYScreenshot_20220523_134556.png
  6. Install the app by ADB command :
    adb install -r -g PATH.TO.APK 
  7. Optional: if you are running Core App with built-in applet, there is an extra step. Start by opening Core App installer via launcher or using ADB:
    adb shell am start io.signageos.open
    Once you've walked through the installer you can continue with following steps for Sony Provisioning.
  8. Execute the following ADB commands:
    adb shell appops set --uid io.signageos.android PROJECT_MEDIA allow
    adb shell appops set --uid io.signageos.android WRITE_SETTINGS allow
    adb shell appops set --uid io.signageos.android READ_DEVICE_IDENTIFIERS allow
    adb shell appops set --uid io.signageos.android SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allow
    adb shell pm grant io.signageos.android android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
    adb shell dpm set-device-owner io.signageos.android/.dpc.AdminReceiver


Once the above-mentioned steps are done, continue with:

  1. Start signageOS Core App from the Apps menu in the launcher.
  2. Grant all runtime permissions when Core App starts when prompted.
  3. Restart the app if the device is reported as unsupported.
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