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BrightSign Factory Reset

Factory reset using the control button

To perform the factory reset with the control button your device must be installed with FW version 6.2.39 or higher.

  1. Disconnect power socket from the player
  2. Remove any storage devices from the player
  3. Hold both SVC and Reset buttons
  4. Connect power to the player
  5. Wait for the red Err LED to flash rapidly
  6. Release the SVC and Reset buttons
    The error LED will stop flashing and the player will boot up
  7. Wait until the player completes startup reboots again - the reset does not happen until this second boot
  8. Replace the player's storage device if it was disconnected

Factory reset using a brightscript file 

  1. Download the factory reset autorun.brs file by clicking here.
  2. Copy the autorun.brs file to the root directory of an empty SD card or USB thumb drive.
  3. Insert the SD card or USB thumb drive into the unit while it is powered off.
  4. Power on the unit.
  5. In a moment, you will see a yellow message on the screen that states "Deleting Recovery settings". You will then see this message: "Settings Deleted. Remove script from the sd card, and Restart".
  6. The script will delete itself and restart the player when complete. Once restarted, you should see a BrightSign logo on the screen with the firmware version that is installed on the unit.


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