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The Alerts section gathers all Alerts triggered for devices in Organizations you are part of. Each Alert identifies which Alert Rule was triggered, how many devices are affected, and the last change.

Alerts are further triaged based on the Alert Rules type:

  • All alerts
  • Device alerts
  • Policy alerts
  • Applet alerts


Alerts statuses


Alert is active whenever the Alert Rule is activated, it's the default state. Active Alert can be Snoozed for later or Archived. 

If the Alert Rule for the selected Alert is activated again, only Affected devices # will change. You will not get a new Alert in the list.


Alert can be snoozed till:

  • Tomorrow
    • You will get notified after 24 hours
  • Next occurrence
    • You will get notified if the Alert Rule is activated again (e.g. another device goes offline)
  • Custom time and date
    • You will get no Alerts of this type till the selected date and time
    • CPT2206231102-800x352.gif


Once you archive and Alert it stays archived. If the Alert Rule for the selected Alert is activated again, you will get a new Alert in the Active Alerts list.



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