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Samsung SSSP 2 and SSSP 3 Device Provisioning (Legacy)


This guide is ONLY FOR LEGACY SAMSUNG DISPLAYS - SSSP2 AND SSSP3 - RELEASED PRIOR TO 2017. For recent Tizen-powered displays (SSSP4, SSSP5, SSSP6, SSSP7 and newer), follow the guide here.
 Before you start deploying the device check the compatible device FIRMWARE as it is very important to have tested FW. The FW for each device is documented on the Supported devices page. In case the device is not on the list, contact our support at support@signageos.io.
In case our current release version does not support the latest model line or latest features, please use the Release Candidate apps listed in our Knowledge base article about Core Apps Release Policy. Please share the feedback on using the RC Apps as much as possible.

SSSP2 (D-line) and SSSP3 (E-line) Deployment process via remote control:

  1. Turn on the display and switch the source to HDMI or PC
  2. Go to Menu –> Settings – Power Control – Network Standby -> select On
  3. Go to Menu –>Settings – Power Control – Auto Power -> select On
  4. Press Menu -> System -> Play via
    1. Select URL Launcher
  5. Go to Home – Device ID – select connection to PC with RJ-45
  6. Connect the display to the internet (In Home menu -> Network Settings)
    1. Once connected to the internet continue
  7. In Home menu select Setup URL in the top right corner
  8. Fill in the URL and confirm
Link to the latest Samsung SSSP Core App (only for legacy displays released before 2017)

http://s.signageos.io or custom URL generated on the Applet Builder page (e.g. http://0099.io/xxxx)

BEWARE: due to the legacy nature of this platform and EOL status, Samsung no longer releases FW upgrades. Due to this limitation, you will not be able to install the Core App from a https link as core root certificates are no longer valid. Always use a URL starting with http:// only (do not use httpS).

Tizen Core App link http://s.signageos.io doesn’t work directly in the browser. It works just and only on the legacy SSSP device where it looks for a specific XML file. This way Tizen devices verify the installation package.

At this point, the display should connect to the Internet and download the signageOS App, reboot itself and start the signageOS App.

If you successfully obtain the Verification hash, please continue with the step Register device.

Alternatively, you can set up your brand new device through initial setup or after a factory reset.


Q: My Standalone application is not found on my static server? A: Make sure you have sssp_config.xml in the directory as well. The standalone application can't be downloaded directly from the browser/URL but it works only on the display.


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