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Provision Brightsign devices via BSN.cloud

BNS.cloud is a device management service provided by Brightsign for simplified remote deployment of Brightsign players.

BSN.cloud can be used along with signageOS and leverage the solution for initial provisioning. signageOS device management capabilities are independent of BSN.cloud.

The following guide provides steps on how to deploy signageOS/signageOS compatible CMSes via BSN.cloud.

Looking for standard SD-card based provisioning? Check this guide.


  1. Sign up for BSN.cloud at https://bsn.cloud
  2. Sign into the BSN.cloud consoleblobid0.png
  3. Navigate to Device Setup where you create a provisioning configurationblobid1.png
  4. Fill in the
    1. setup profile name and any other setting you want to apply
    2. As a Device Type select Custom Application URL and fill in https://b.signageos.io/autorun.zip
    3. Save by selecting Add Setup File To Libraryblobid2.png
  5. Next go to Admin -> Device Provisioning blobid3.png
  6. Add your new Brightsign device by filling in the device serial number blobid4.png
  7. Select Apply Setup on the newly added device to deploy signageOS blobid5.png

Once the device connects to the Internet, it gets paired with the predefined configuration. After this step, signageOS is deployed to your Brightsign device.



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