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Using local media files for Applet development

As you build your Applet, it might come in handy to be able to serve local media files into the Emulator. It allows you to test your Applet even with the blob file/s (video or image files) located on your local machine without uploading them to any static server.

How to setup local static server 

First you need to use the following command in the local file directory.

npx static-server .

// response
Running . on port: 8080
Opening http://localhost:8080



In case of the any error message e.g. options.index is now deprecated please use options.templates.index instead. run the following npm command npm install http-server -g and in the static server directory file run http-server. This should enable display the media file on the static server.

Then point the local file location in the Applet code your IP address, port number, and file name


If the media content won't be displayed within the Emulator check: Adblock issue in Chrome

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