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Hisense provisioning

Attention Required: Android, in general, does not support application downgrade. Once you update to a higher version of the Core App, there is no other way to then reinstall on the device.

Installation guide

In order to install signageOS Core App on one of your displays, please follow these steps:

  1. Power and turn on your display
  2. Download the latest signageOS application from following link HERE
  3. Move/Copy the downloaded file onto a FAT32 formatted USB Stick storage hard drive
  4. Insert the storage medium into a USB port on your device
  5. You will be prompted to open the storage device
  6. Once you open the storage you should be able to see the downloaded file detected
  7. Select the .APK file and begin the installation process
  8. You will be prompted to accept our Terms of Use service agreements
  9. Once all parts of the application are installed display should present you with a provisioning 6 character hash
  10. Proceed to add device into your organisation either via one of these methods:
    1. Box (more information here)
    2. REST API (more information here)


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