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Tizen Deployment and Provisioning via MagicInfo

Samsung MagicInfo/RM Server is a software that allows one to remotely connect and set up Samsung SoC-enabled devices.

If you want to deploy signageOS CoreApp (with your bundled Applet) to existing fleet of devices connected to the  MagicInfo / RM server, follow these steps:

1. Login to your MagicInfo instance

2. Locate devices which you want to deploy signageOS to

3. Click Edit/Edit Multiple

4. Go to Setup tab

5. Fill in the URL to the signageOS Core App (e.g.: https://t.signageos.io, https://9900.io/xxYYzz) to the URL Launcher input

6. On the Display Control tab adjust Change Source to URL Launcher

7.  Save and close; devices will download the application and reboot

After installing signageOS, MagicInfo connection settings in the display will be disabled by default and it needs to be re-configured from our signageOS side. Please create a support ticket with the devices' UID and the MagicInfo configurations so we can help you complete the setup.

These steps can be programmatically automated by using MagicInfo API

We understand the last step is not ideal for now, but a solution is on our roadmap. This article will be updated to reflect its completion.

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