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Telemetry and data reporting frequency

General information

To help you better gather information about your devices, you can monitor your current state of each display thanks to telemetry data. This data covers majority of setup or states of your device settings ranging from more consistent things such as Core App installed on your display, orientation, resolution to more dynamic data such as temperature, screenshots or current memory used.

All of this data can be found on the device detail via Box, but can also gathered through our REST API. See our Postman documentation section for more information - Telemetry REST API endpoint

You can check your device's data under each section in the device detail.


Latest data from monitoring are also tagged with a date timestamp to verify from when the device reported the data.

Once you start editing the settings on your devices - in our example Device orientation - the data should be reflected in the Telemetry status via a message.


When the data is set on the device but has not been reported yet, you will also be notified that the information might be outdated with information about the latest available data.




Given the amount of data collected, signageOS allows you to set self-defined intervals at which each specific information should be reported. This enables you to fine-tune and pick your monitoring dependant on:

A) data required - ie. you are only interested in temperature due to location of the displays

B) network constraints - in case of limited network bandwidth, you can set long intervals on more demanding telemetries such as screenshots

To set specific intervals you can navigate to device detail of the device - select the Settings tab - on the bottom of the page you can find individual telemetries and the frequency at which they should be collected.


Select Custom option and set your preferences as required. Once you are satisfied with the time intervals save your settings and the device should follow the set values.

Collected telemetry

Currently collected data includes the following list:

  • Screenshots
  • Front display version
  • Debug
  • Power action schedule
  • Resolution
  • Storage
  • Peer recovery
  • Temperature
  • Brightness
  • Firmware version
  • Proprietary timers
  • Timers
  • Battery
  • Auto recovery
  • Application version
  • Datetime
  • Orientation
  • Remote control
  • Volume
  • Policy
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