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Bulk provisioning


Bulk provisioning feature is available on the CloudControl Pro plan or higher.

Doing a larger-scale deployment can be time-consuming and registering each individual device can be time-consuming. With signageOS you are now able to do Bulk provisioning - this allows you to provision registered devices in advance. Once your devices are connected to the internet (more specifically once they connect to the signageOS cloud - Core App is installed), they will be automatically provisioned into your pre-selected organization with necessary identifiers. You can now choose from two options of bulk provisioning - Manual entry or Bulk upload.

How to use

To use this feature, navigate to Box, and under the section Devices select the Bulk provisioning tab.


Once you are on the Bulk provisioning page, select the Register devices option in the top right corner.


Manual entry

For smaller-scale deployments (ie. an individual location) manual entry might be your preferred method due to the convenience of adding several devices quickly. Once you select Manual entry as your option for Bulk provisioning you will be prompted to fill in a form with information necessary to identify each device once they connect to the cloud and undergo the provisioning.

The form can be split into two parts - Basic information and Additional configuration

Please note that depending on the brand of device you are trying to register, different fields might be mandatory to ensure unique identifications are present to differentiate between devices reporting to the cloud.

  • Organisation
    • If you are not familiar with the organisation, check out our articles for more details here
  • Brand
    • Select the brand of your device for registration

Based on brand you will be prompted to input the necessary information as mentioned above.

Additional configuration

In addition to the default identifiers for your device, you can also select signageOS-specific features such as:

  • Location
    • More information about the locations feature can be found in the article here
  • Policy
    • More information about device policies can be found in the article here
  • Tags
    • More information about tags can be found in the article here

Bulk upload

If you are doing a larger-scale deployment Bulk upload allows you to input a CSV file in a specific format to import a larger list of devices to register for provisioning. For Bulk operation, you also need to select the organization under which these devices will be registered & provisioned.

Your CSV file needs to be in specific format as shown in this example:

serialNumber model macAddress brand tagNames deviceName policyUid locationUid
serial-number model-name ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff Sony default_tag; my_tag My device 9b8f406cb3338fc... e9f9dd5b1eb8f...


You can download an example CSV file for editing from here: sample-list.csv

Once you have your list of devices and upload it through the Box UI the file will be validated for formatting. If there are any errors or missing data you will be informed via an error message.

Important: Please note that the same way as in Manual entry, different brands have different required fields and based on the brand in the CSV file row this data cannot be omitted and you will be prompted to correct your table.


Just like in the Device list, you can use filters to search for specific devices. Given you might have a list of large quantities of devices this allows you to easily navigate and look for devices based on:

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Status
    • Applied - bulk provisioning has been completed for the listed device
    • Pending - the device is waiting for the completion of the provisioning

Mandatory device attributes

Each brand has specific unique attributes that are used by Bulk provisioning for validation and pairing. These values have to be filled in the CSV or while adding a manual entry.

Brand Required attribute
Sony MAC address
Samsung serialNumber
LG serialNumber
BrightSign serialNumber

Deleting registrations

Registrations can be deleted no matter the state - Applied or Pending. Devices that have been provisioned successfully will remain unaffected even if their registration is deleted. The deletion of registration will only remove the automated provisioning process.

To delete registration, select More and Delete registration:

In the follow-up side menu select Organization and delete all Applied or Pending registrations:


What happens if there are duplicate devices?

signageOS prevents creating duplicate devices within an Organization. If there are duplicate devices placed in different Organizations, signageOS will not execute the provisioning and signageOS support team will reach out to Organization managers for validation.

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