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LG Local Firmware Upgrade

  1. Download Firmware from our repository based on your exact model name
  2. unzip the file into the LG_MONITOR folder placed in the root folder of your USB flash drive (eg.: F://LG_MONITOR/file.epk)
  3. turn on the display
  4. plug in the USB flash drive
  5. display will automatically show the upgrade dialog
  6. select the Firmware
  7. press Confirm or Upgrade to continue
  8. wait until the display finishes the upgrade (might be more then 20 minutes) 

The Firmware is not visible? Follow these additional steps:

  1. Press Exit on the IR remote control
  2. Press Settings on the IR remote control
  3. navigate to General option in the menu
  4. press 7 times 7 on the remote control
  5. follow the steps above
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